Carter Custom Crossword Puzzles


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Puzzles and answer sheets (completed puzzles) come on 2 sheets of paper. Words specific to the puzzle topic are highlighted in green on answer puzzles. All entries can be found in standard reference sources or are the special entries that you request.

Over 100 puzzles to choose from. Every US state, other geographic places, classic cars, etc.


Any puzzle $4.

Any 10+ puzzles $2 each.

Any 25 or more $1 each.

For shipping add  $1 for any number of puzzles.

Custom made puzzle including your words as entries: 13X13 = $260. Other prices vary by puzzle size.

Click here for list of puzzles available and or to order specific crosswords.Order_Puzzles_Here.html

Owen Carter

3210 Firwood Ave.

Bellingham, WA 98225-1424



Crossword that highlights a special place or created as a personal gift.